Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bluestone Kid's Retreat

Two weekends ago, four of our folks participated in a retreat at Bluestone. Alexis Mays, a freshman at Marshall University, spent her weekend hanging out with Taylor Hill, Walker Hager, and Theresa Mays. Hooray for Bluestone!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wish List

Material things do not a ministry make…but they sure can help! We are blessed with a number of folks who use their time and talents to help grow the church deep and wide. In order to take that growth to the next level, the Pastor and Session present this Wish List for your prayerful consideration. We've discerned these items as needs which would enhance our ability to do ministry:

o Van (transportation for fellowship and service projects)—$5,000
o Website domain name—$30/annually *BOUGHT*

Christian Education
o Children’s Bibles—case of 36 for $300
o Copier—$1,300 or $2,200 *BOUGHT*
o Rotation Props for Children's Sunday School—$300

o Pressure wash building exterior—TBA
o Paint Fellowship Hall—$150 w/member labor, $500 for hire
o Decorate upstairs education room--$500

o General Fund (supplies, food, fellowship)—$500
o Air Hockey Table—$500

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Voting Values Class

Confused by all the conflicting news coverage? Distracted by e-mail rumors about candidates? Curious to find out what the future President of the United States believes about the issues that matter to you? Plan on attending "Voting Values" at RPC.

We'll meet each Tuesday night in October at 7pm leading up to Election Day on November 4. Each week we'll address a different set of major policy issues--war and peace, health care, the economy, and social issues (education, crime, church/state relations). The purpose of the class is to ensure that people of faith are educated about the issues and the candidates when they walk into the voting booth.

Stephen will lead the class, as his research specialty is the intersection of religion and politics in America. He previously worked in US Senator Jay Rockefeller's (D-WV) Washington office, State Senator Roy Herron's (D-TN) campaign, and State Senator Jack Johnson's (R-TN) campaign.

Bring an inquiring mind, questions, and a friend or three!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sympathies to the Honaker Family

Our dear sister Ruth Honaker died on Friday. She was a long-time member of Ronceverte Presbyterian and served as both an Elder and a Deacon. Ruth held deep convictions about the need for evangelism, and she showed us all how to spread the Good News with candor and kindness. A service celebrating her life will be held here at the church on Tuesday at 2pm with a graveside service to follow at the Honaker Cemetery.

Ruth, we love you and will miss you.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Annual Church Picnic

it's that time of year picnic!!! this Sunday, September 7, we'll gather at the Ronceverte Island Park for food, fun, and fellowship immediately following worship. we'll play for a while and begin eating around 1pm.

if you'd like to bring something, a side dish or dessert would be just great. we'll provide hot dogs, hamburgers, and all the fixin's.

come hungry, come with friends, come with dogs, come with joy, come!