Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Morning Worship, 10/11/09

A Service of Wholeness

For the prelude, enjoy Hutton Cobb singing and Leah Trent playing (on harp) "Be Still My Soul".

For the sermon, hear the story of Job as told alongside the five stages of grieving. In the 23rd chapter of Job, he's in the second stage--anger. How does he move forward? When? What can we learn about the grieving process from Job?

For wholeness, later in the service the congregation comes forward to be anointed with oil and find refuge in the grace of God, which is with us no matter what we grieve.

May the Lord's face shine upon you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Paul confidently claims that God will complete what God began. That means God's not finished with you! If you feel like a house under construction, there's no need to be ashamed of your cracks, leaks, or dust. No need to fade away in a cloud of guilt for not being perfect. Being under construction is a blessing!

Be sure to listen to Leah & Rodger's Scottish prelude!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Rev. Dr. Nuhad Tomeh to Visit RPC

The Rev. Dr. Nuhad Tomeh, a Presbyterian Mission Co-Worker from the Middle East, will visit RPC on the evening of October 10 for a covered dish dinner and discussion. Nuhad is coming to the USA as part of World Mission Challenge 2009, an effort by the PC(USA) to connect our churches to our missionaries working all over the world. His first stop in West Virginia will be at our church, and from here he’ll travel the state telling folks about the work he does.
Saturday night will begin with a covered dish dinner in Fellowship Hall at 6pm. (If you’re able, please bring something to share with everyone.) When we finish eating, Nuhad will make a presentation about his work as a Christian pastor and peacemaker in the Middle East. He’s currently in charge of the Iraq Rehabilitation and Recovery effort of the Middle East Council of Churches. (Ample time for question & answer will be provided.)
Mark your calendars for this unique opportunity and interesting discussion!