Monday, September 28, 2009

Morning Worship, 9/27/09

James cautions not to "boast about tomorrow." Does that mean we shouldn't plan? Or does it mean we should plan, always praying that our plans are pleasing to God?

Today's service was special in that the congregation joyously confirmed Ashley Morgan and commissioned her to full and active participation in the life of our church.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Morning Worship, 9/20/09

From Kanye West to Serena Williams to Joe Wilson, we seem to be losing our sense of sensibility. Have we ceased being civil with one another? If so, from a Christian perspective, we've got work to do as a culture.


Morning Worship, 9/13/09

"Invite-a-Friend" Sunday. Folks from the congregation invited their friends and family to join us in worship this week!

Rodger and Leah offered several special musical selections--harp, piano, and organ!

The sermon was titled Sincerely Imperfect. Here's the idea: The church is ambivalent. It can help people, and it can hurt people. James urges us to abort ambivalence by being careful with our words. By speaking out in love rather than hate. By being sincerely imperfect.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Morning Worship, 9/6/09

Today's New Testament reading os from the book of James. James cared about real people in their real lives, so he did his best to make religion...real. When people practiced discirmination in the church, he said, "Enough!" James called for a church where everybody is somebody.

(A prize awaits the person who correctly identifies the pop culture inspiration for the sermon prior to its unveiling in the sermon.)


Invite-a-Friend Sunday

You know you want to join us for here is your opportunity! Come on Sunday, September 13!

Worship begins at 11am and lasts an hour or so. Some folks "dress up", while others come casual. Our service is traditional, though it incorporates some informal and modern elements too. Our musicians are fabulous. Rodger and Leah Trent will dazzle your souls on the harp, grand piano, and organ! We also place an emphasis on children's ministries, so bring the whole fam!

We deal with real issues affecting real people in their everyday lives, so feel free to come and join us. No pressure. Just an open invitation to worship God with your friendly neighbors.