Children's Ministries

Children are often told they are the future of the church; we tell our children they are the church. Therefore, we fully integrate them into our life of faith in these ways:
  • Sunday School.  Every Sunday at 9:30am, we hold Sunday School for children in grades K-5. (Those in grades 6 and above are encouraged to attend the Adult Sunday School Gathering.) We use the Rotation Model, so children learn about a single Bible story for four weeks at a time in a different way each week--music, art, cooking, drama, story-telling, games, or science.
  • Children's Sermons.  Every Sunday during the Worship service, children are invited forward to spend a few minutes with Stephen, learning the lessons of Scripture through interactive and entertaining stories about the lives of Penny Lane and her friends (pictured above in our logo).
  • Vacation Bible School.  For one week each summer, we build relationships and deepen our faith by devoting our energies to teaching and learning from our children.
  • Children's Church.  While we like to integrate children into our life of faith, at a certain age parents believe their children are too old to stay in the nursery but not yet ready to stay in the sanctuary for all of worship. Therefore, we hold Children's Church every week during the second half of our Worship service. Taught by our church members on a rotating basis, Children's Church teaches young people how to worship--by singing hymns, reading Scripture, offering prayer, and making offerings (promises to clean their rooms or do their homework, a tithe from their allowance, or a piece of art for a loved one).
  • Children's Choir.  During the school year, Rodger & Leah Trent direct a Children's Choir every other Sunday immediately following Worship. The Children's Choir then performs for the congregation once-a-month.
You and your children are always welcome in our ministries! If you have questions, please call the church office or email our Pastor, the Rev. Stephen Baldwin.