Monday, September 27, 2010

Morning Worship, 9/26/10

Imagination precedes reality. When we encounter a problem, we must imagine a solution and then make it reality. The problem for Christians is clear--we define our faith negatively (avoiding sin) rather than positively (engaging God and neighbor in relationship). The solution is clear; we've simply got to make it happen...follow Christ! Be a Christian!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Morning Worship, 9/12/10

Terry Jones, the Christian Minister from Florida who wanted to burn Qur'ans on 9/11/10, symbolizes the image problem faced by Christianity in American today--namely, that we prefer to wave our hands in judgment of others rather than extend a hand of friendship. In the story of the woman at the well, Jesus provides an example of genuine dialogue with an "outsider." He talks to her longer than he talks to anyone in any of the Gospels. She shares a secret with him, and he shares one with her. He tells her what he hasn't told anyone else in the world until that moment. And despite their vast differences, they build a bond of relationship.