Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Candlelight Worship, 12/23/12: "The Medium Is the Message"

For the past two Sundays, we’ve read about Mary, mother of Jesus.  We know she was young, we know she was poor, we know she was faithful.  If Mary is the medium, what is the message?  If God works through her—a poor, young, faithful teenager, what does that mean?  What is God saying? 

Merry Christmas! 

Morning Worship, 12/23/12: "Christmastide"

Is it just me, or has Christmas come unexpectedly this year?  It doesn’t feel like Christmas.  Maybe it’s the weather, which has been unseasonably warm until this weekend.  Maybe it’s the Mayan calendar, which had some people thinking Christmas wouldn’t come at all.  Maybe I’m just getting grinchier as I get older.  Maybe it’s Sandy Hook Elementary, which has us all grieving.  Maybe something’s different this year--nervousness over the economy, hot spots across the world in turmoil, people anxious about their jobs and kids.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Morning Worship, 12/9/12: "The Possibility of God's Promises"

Zechariah’s story is in many ways an amusing one, and ultimately it is a human story.  It is the story of our lives.  God sends us a message.  We have reasonable doubts as to whether or not that message will come true.  So we sit with it for a while, usually in silence, to let it simmer and sink in.  Eventually it does, and we give it a name—daughter, purpose, hope, Christmas.  Then, we begin to believe God’s promises on our lives are possible.  We can nurture life, we can find purpose in what we do daily, and we can find joy…even in the ordinary, everyday lives we call our own.  We can…believe.